6 Essential Maternity Styling Tips For A Winter Baby Bump

6 Essential Maternity Styling Tips For A Winter Baby Bump

Are you wondering how to style your baby bump during these cold months? Choosing the right maternity clothing that will support your body while staying comfy and fashionable can be tricky, especially if this is the first pregnancy you’ve ever experienced.

But don’t worry, we have some great versatile pieces in which you can style that gorgeous baby bump this winter! After all, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style just because the temperature is dropping. Our maternity outfits will help you stay warm and fashionable during winter.

Choosing a good dress for pregnant women and selecting the right materials can seem impossible as you undergo the many changes that come with being pregnant. 

How do you know what to choose? You’re growing a baby, you’re doing something amazing and deserve to look and feel fabulous.

Go For Layers

Dressing in layers is the key to not feeling cold during winter, Layers and pieces you can mix and match are a good idea as many mums-to-be say they fluctuate between being too hot or too cold. Soft and cozy layers will make winter a perfect time to be pregnant.

Go For Breathable, Relaxed Fabrics

Pregnant women’s bodies are known to be slightly warmer than usual, so we suggest choosing maternity clothes made out of breathable fabrics, such as cotton or bamboo. You never want to feel stuffy or restricted in your clothes because that would undoubtedly be extremely uncomfortable. 

So, you should always avoid clothes that are too restrictive and unforgivable, especially if you know your body will continue to change as you advance in your pregnancy. Never buy clothing that you know you won’t fit into in a month or two. 

Instead, look for breathable fabrics that allow your skin and body to breathe as you go about your day. :et your bump breathe!

Go For Stretchiness

We recommend to stick to your size instead of going for a couple of sizes bigger. Our maternity clothes are stretchable and are made to adapt to your bump while it’s growing. Our soft stretch denim maternity jeans will become your absolute favourite throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Go For Breastfeeding-Friendly and Durability

You’ll want to go for multipurpose maternity clothes that will still be suitable once your sweet little baby has arrived. That’s why we recommend thinking ahead and getting your hands on maternity clothes that are breastfeeding-friendly! Don’t forget our maternity and breastfeeding bras by Seraphine, which are expertly designed to ensure superb fit & function.

Also, you’ll want high quality essentials, as you’ll most likely still be wearing your maternity clothes even after giving birth. At Maternelle, we’re passionate about providing women with unbelievably gorgeous, high-quality maternity clothing brands. Our clothing doesn’t just look amazing; it’s also made to last. 

Maternity dresses – Our Isolde long sleeves wrap dress by Seraphine makes the perfect winter maternity dress. Soft, smart & super flattering, this teal blue maternity and nursing dress by Seraphine is cleverly designed for pregnancy & breastfeeding. The soft stretch jersey drapes beautifully, allowing plenty of room to grow, while sash ties cross over & secure at the empire waist, highlighting your slimmest point. After baby is born, the wrap ties open up to reveal hidden access for nursing This super versatile dress is also office-friendly. 

Maternity pants - When it comes to choosing bottom clothing, make sure you buy maternity jeans or pants that have a waist that can expand as your body changes. Our maternity jeans will get you through the next nine+ months, as they can be worn during postpartum too.

Maternity tops - Did someone mention maternity sweaters? They are also a great companion to all the future mums during this time of the year. They are super comfortable and cozy, and you will feel warm while being super stylish at the same time. The stretchy sweater even lifts up to reveal easy nursing access for breastfeeding moms. On chilly days, pair it with leggings and boots for added warmth.

Outerwear – Opt for a 3-in-1 hoodies or jackets that’ll last throughout pregnancy and beyond. These are designed to grow with you through your nine months, with built-in stretch panels to the sides, ensuring a flexible fit during pregnancy. These hoodies then adapt for babywearing afterwards, thanks to their zip-off kangaroo panel fits over a baby carrier or sling! The panel zips out once you’re ready to wear normal winter coats again, which makes the piece a cosy must-have you’re sure to be wearing for years to come!

Loungewear – Winter gives us more excuses to stay at home and our silky smooth maternity loungewear collection is perfect for chilling out at home or caring for a newborn. They’re a must-have during pregnancy and for your hospital bag.

Let us know what you think and give us your own personal tips and suggestions by commenting below, or tag us on Instagram.



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