Babywearing - Choosing The Right Maternity Outerwear To Keep Your Baby Close

Babywearing - Choosing The Right Maternity Outerwear To Keep Your Baby Close

The best place for a little one to be is near their parents. They rely on you for everything, from the food that helps them grow up big and strong to the love that keeps them happy. A well-designed baby carrier can keep your little bundle of joy near and dear to you as you go about your day. 

But we’re not here to talk about carriers; we’re here to talk about exquisite maternity clothes that you can wear over your carriers. Maternity outerwear can keep both you and your baby comfy and happy as you relax at home or take care of business while you’re out. 

Maternity outerwear is perfect for any time of the year if you wear it right, and it can benefit both you and your child. 

The Importance Of Keeping Your Child Close And Safe To You

First, it’s important to know a little about why keeping your child close is so important. Having lots of skin-to-skin contact and close contact can encourage you to have a healthy lifelong relationship with your little treasure. The importance of skin-to-skin contact: It’s great for both you and your child. 

Aside from emotional and physical needs for both of you, using a baby carrier along with fantastic maternity outerwear is also simply the better choice. It’s more convenient, and you’ll look great as you do.

Unfortunately, new parents can’t stop the world from moving on when they have a new child. You still have to grocery shop, take care of the house, look after yourselves and more. But you can’t exactly set your child aside when you do this, either!

Babywearing lets you keep your child close and safe while you take care of important tasks. Benefits of babywearingYou won’t have to stress about if your little one is doing all right because they’ll be right there with you, experiencing life and learning from you. 


Stylish, Comfy And Practical Maternity Outerwear For New Parents

You’ll want maternity outerwear that looks lovely, feels fantastic and has room for your baby carrier. Where can you find that?

No worries, that’s easy - just look at our selection at Maternelle. We’re delighted to provide New Zealanders with our fine selection of elegant maternity wear that’s practical and gorgeous at the same time. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect maternity outerwear for you and your child. 

Let’s have a look at:

Fia Three-In-One Maternity To Babywearing Packaway Jacket. This jacket really has it all. It’s designed to fit you all the way from being pregnant to carrying your new baby around with you, so you can get plenty of use out of it. It’s made from water-resistant fabric, has large zip pockets, breathable linings and even an elasticated hood and sleeves.

This jacket comes with a zip-on carrier panel that allows you to accommodate your baby carrier. 

On top of being practical, it also looks fantastic! This jacket comes in a serene ice-blue hue that’s easy to pair with other colours. 

Connor Navy Blue Three-In-One Maternity Active Hoodie. Nothing says casual comfort like a good hoodie! Fitting into your favourite pre-pregnancy hoodie might be a little tough if you’re near your due date, but this three-in-one hoodie will certainly be there for you. This is designed to be worn during your pregnancy, after your baby arrives and even years later. 

The easy-to-use zip-on panel can fit over your baby carrier or baby sling, allowing you to let your child enjoy your comfy hoodie with you. 

Hollis Navy And White Stripe Three-In-One Maternity To Babywearing Hoodie. If you want something that’s as practical as it is cute, this striped hoodie is for you. This hoodie is soft, supportive and can be worn throughout your pregnancy. 

After your baby arrives, you can attach the zip-in kangaroo panel to accommodate your baby carrier or sling. 

Ryan Men’s Hoodie With Baby PouchDon’t forget about dad! It’s important for a father to stay close to his baby, for his and the baby’s benefit, and to let mum have a breather. 

This stylish hoodie has a zip-in pouch that can fit snugly over your carrier or sling, keeping both dad and baby comfy and cosy. When the pouch is removed, the hoodie transforms back into an awesome men’s hoodie that can be worn normally. 


Get Your Own Elegant Maternity Outerwear Today

At Maternelle, we strive to keep new and expectant mothers happy, supported, comfortable and so very fashionable with our high-quality maternity wear.

Our online selection is stocked with wonderful options that you’ll surely love. 

Your new family deserves comfort, functionality and high-quality style - find all three and more at Maternelle. 

Let us know what you think and give us your own personal tips and suggestions by commenting below, or tag us on Instagram.


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