How to Select Flattering Dresses for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life, but it’s also a time that comes with its own unique issues that might be confusing for you - especially if this is your first time. Finding the right dresses for pregnant women can be challenging. 

Luckily, if you look for the right qualities and shop from a good company, you should be able to find maternity dresses that you absolutely love in no time.


Helpful Tips For Choosing Gorgeous Maternity Dresses That Look Stunning And Feel Heavenly

Before you start to actually look at beautiful maternity dresses, please remember to keep these three things in mind:


  • Be Confident! Confidence is absolutely one of the most beautiful qualities anyone can have. Whatever you wear, regardless of whether it’s a style you’re new to or something you’re not quite sure about, make sure you strut your stuff with pride. If you feel good about yourself, it’ll show.


  • Have Fun With It. Shopping for practical and beautiful garments, like maternity dresses for pregnant women, doesn’t have to be a chore. This is a time to express yourself in an entirely new way while you’re preparing yourself for your new life with a new child.


  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help. This might be one of the most important pieces of advice you can receive. Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but it can also be stressful and frightening. If you need help, then ask for it. This could be help from your partner, a friend, a family member or a team member from the company you’re shopping from. 


When you start to shop for beautiful dresses, be sure to pay attention to these qualities:


Look For Dresses That’ll Grow With You. One significant problem that many pregnant women face is choosing clothes that fit correctly. Your body will continuously change, so choosing restrictive, unforgiving clothing is a very bad idea. You don't want to choose something stylish only for it to not fit in two weeks. 


Instead, look for lovely dresses that are designed to grow with you. Beautiful dresses for pregnant women that are made with soft, stretchy fabric can stretch to accommodate your body without making you uncomfortable. 


Nursing Features. Consider maternity clothing that you can wear after your pregnancy, not just during it. Maternity clothing with nursing features allows you to have easy access for breastfeeding, which will certainly be appreciated after your new bundle of joy has arrived.


Search For Clothing That Accentuates Your Features. Many people recommend choosing clothing with qualities that will make you look taller during your pregnancy. V-necks, in particular, are very good for maternity clothing because these necklines can make your torso appear slimmer and longer. 


Additionally, don’t feel pressured to hide certain features like your baby bump. You’re growing a new life inside of you, so don't be afraid to dress your bump with style! Stretchy or slightly form-fitting dresses will keep you comfortable without trying to conceal your body. 


Comfort. Looking amazing is always nice, but comfort and support should always be two of your top priorities. Pregnancy isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing in the world. So, looking for soft and easy-to-wear dresses is a must. 


As mentioned above, soft and stretchy dresses for pregnant women are a fantastic choice for expectant mothers. Flowy skirts are also a good option because their beautiful silky fabric can create a sense of movement and make you look and feel more comfortable. 


Breathability is another important quality. Your new maternity dresses should never make you feel stuffy, regardless of how beautiful they are. Search for designs that are breathable and comfy.


Naturally, try to avoid tight or clingy clothing that makes you feel restricted.


Accessorise With Style. The right accessories can really pull an entire outfit together. Do you have any accessories that you’d love to wear with your maternity clothing? You can keep these in mind to help you choose colour and style.


A scarf, necklace or belt can help to add interest to any kind of dress. Choose accessories that flatter your figure and make you feel confident.


Don’t Forget About Underwear. Along with new dresses for pregnant women, make sure you don’t forget to buy comfy and supportive maternity bras. Nothing says ‘frustrating discomfort’ like an ill-fitting bra - especially during pregnancy! 


Quality maternity bras that give you access to nursing are absolutely essential for pregnant women and new mothers. These bras will make your favourite new maternity dresses even more heavenly. 

Where You Can Find Marvellous Maternity Clothing In Aotearoa

Maternelle has everything you need to stay beautiful and comfortable during your pregnancy. With our range of colours and styles, we have something for everyone. We encourage you to keep these tips in mind as you look for your new dresses.

If you’d like advice or have any questions, please email us at Just because your body is changing, doesn’t mean you have to put your style on hold! Stay comfortable, stay beautiful - enjoy lovely maternity clothing from Maternelle. 

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