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Maternity Outerwear: Keep Your Little One Close To You

Once your little bundle of joy is born, you’ll want to keep them close to your heart - and you can when you find the right maternity outerwear that has space for a baby carrier. These cosy, supportive and fashionable pieces of clothing are excellent for bonding with your little one, and they’re great for all stages of your pregnancy.

One important rule of purchasing maternity wear of any kind is to invest in quality, not quantity. You want long-lasting pieces that are comfortable and supportive so that you can wear them all throughout your pregnancy journey without having to replace them. 

So, how do you know what kind of maternity outerwear is perfect for you? Continue reading to learn about the specific qualities you should keep an eye out for as you shop.

Tips For Finding The Best Maternity Outerwear For You

When choosing maternity outerwear, especially outerwear that has room for a baby carrier, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:


Usefulness. Having to purchase new clothing for each stage of your pregnancy can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, there are well-designed pieces of maternity clothing that can be with you throughout your entire journey.


For instance, look at our Connor Navy Blue 3-In-1 Maternity Active Hoodie. You can wear this cosy hoodie while you’re pregnant, after your child is born and even years in the future. 


During your pregnancy, this adaptable hoodie will grow with you. Its built-in stretch panels are flexible enough to support you without being too restrictive or uncomfortable. 


After your baby is born, then you can zip on the panel on the front to fit over your baby carrier or sling. You can easily keep your new treasure close to you as you relax or head out. 

Maternity clothes don’t have to just be for pregnancy. Like many amazing kinds of maternity wear, you can still wear this hoodie years after your child is bornSimply take off the extra panel and wear it as you normally would. 


Materials. Look for outerwear that is made with soft, pleasant fabrics that will keep you and your baby warm. Just imagine wrapping yourself and your baby in their baby carrier up in a lovely warm outfit as you relax at home. Nice materials like fleece, wool, down and other soft and unrestrictive materials are very good options. Avoid fabrics that are too stiff or scratchy, as these can be very irritating and confining. 


One particular trait that’s fantastic for maternity wear designed for comfort is a fleece lining. A soft, pleasant fleece lining will keep both you and your baby warm and comfortable. Fleece is a very breathable fabric, so you won’t have to worry about becoming clammy or overheating while you wear your new clothes.


Fit. It’s extremely important to choose outerwear that fits you well, even as your body changes and your bump grows. Make sure that your outerwear is suitable for you and isn’t too restrictive or limits your movement.


Remember that different brands and companies may have different definitions for their sizes. Before you purchase anything, make sure you check their size chart so you completely understand the dimensions of the size you’re purchasing. 


Zip-Off Panels. Zip-off panels allow you to easily adjust your new top to accommodate your needs. Some kinds of outerwear have zip-off kangaroo pouches, which are specifically meant to accommodate your baby carrier and safely support your little one. 

Style. Your top priority when shopping for maternity outerwear should always be safety and practicality for both mom and baby. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to style as well.

You want something that you’ll look and feel amazing in. Look for styles, designs, colours and patterns that you adore. Wearing practical yet gorgeous maternity wear can keep you happy and confident as you care for your new treasure. 


Plenty of well-designed maternity outerwear can be worn even after your baby is born, so if you choose beautiful clothes, they’ll be that much more useful to you. 


Lifestyle. What kind of activities do you think you’ll be doing while you wear your maternity clothes? If you plan on carrying your child in your baby carrier as you go out, you may want to find a very protective coat or jacket that’s waterproof.


For example, our Fia 3-In-1 Maternity To Babywearing Packaway Jacket is perfect for heading out with your infant because it’s durable and waterproof.


Where To Go For Fashionable And Comfortable Maternity Clothing In Aotearoa

Stay beautiful, comfortable and happy with maternity outerwear from Maternelle. Our online store has plenty of clothing that’s designed to be practical and stylish so you can feel as amazing as you look. 

Let us know what you think and give us your own personal tips and suggestions by commenting below, or tag us on Instagram. 

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