When To Buy A Maternity Bra And How To Fit Them

When To Buy A Maternity Bra And How To Fit Them

Your body will grow and change as your baby grows, so you certainly don't want to stick with the regular clothes and bras you wore before you were pregnant. Your pre-pregnancy clothes might get too tight and too uncomfortable to give your body the support you really need during your pregnancy. So, purchasing high-quality, adjustable and comfortable maternity bras is strongly recommended for all expectant mothers. 

Wearing the wrong bra size when you're not pregnant can be horribly uncomfortable, so just imagine how it would feel when you're pregnant! It's important for expectant mothers to understand the importance of maternity bras, when to shop for some and how to find one that fits you well.

What's The Difference Between Maternity Bras And Standard Bras?

A maternity bra is a bra that's specifically designed for individuals who are pregnant or who have just given birth. You will go through many changes when you're pregnant, and one of these changes is breast growth. Your breasts may also become more sensitive, making an ill-fitting bra even more uncomfortable.

Maternity bras are often more flexible, more adjustable, more supportive and designed to handle your potential fluctuations.

You may also encounter both 'maternity bras' and 'nursing bras' as you shop. Typically, maternity bras are bras that you wear during your pregnancy, and nursing bras are bras that you wear after your baby is born and you need a bra that allows you to easily feed your child when you need to.

At Maternelle, we have gorgeous bras that function as both maternity and nursing bras. You can conveniently wear these supportive bras during and after pregnancy. These soft, adjustable bras have drop-down cups that allow you to feed your baby easily.

When Should I Start Looking For A Maternity Bra?

Every woman is different, so every pregnancy is different. Your body might change in ways that don't quite match up to what you read on the internet or hear from friends, so you should keep in mind that advice is just advice and not hard-set rules. 

To ensure you're as comfortable as possible, you should begin looking for new bras once you notice your current bras are uncomfortable on your changing body.  Although you should avoid buying too many bras at the beginning of your pregnancy because your body will continue to change. You will most likely go bra shopping a few times during your pregnancy. 

Some women might be tempted to stick with their usual bras or simply buy more standard bras that are a few sizes larger, but it's best to purchase maternity bras because these are specifically designed for support and comfort during pregnancy! Everyday bras, even ones that are larger than your pre-pregnancy bras, may not offer you the soft support you need. 

Most women find that their breast size stabilizes during their second trimester, so that's usually a good time to invest in quality maternity bras that you will comfortably wear for the remainder of your pregnancy and in the early stages of your newborn's life.

How Do I Find A Maternity Bra That Fits Well?

Finding a bra that fits your body well is necessary, but it's much easier said than done. 

You can use measuring tools to measure your body at home. Keep in mind that multiple measurements go into bra sizes, including underbust and overbust. A smart general rule to follow is that the bras you wear during your pregnancy are often one cup size and one back size larger than your pre-pregnancy bras. 

Consider these helpful tips as you search for a perfectly-sized bra.

  • Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help. Measuring yourself isn't always easy, especially since you can't see your back! Having some help can ensure that your measuring tape stays where it should and that your measurements are accurate. Store clerks at women's clothing stores may also be able to help you find your accurate bra size. 
  • Check The Sizing Guide Of The Brand You're Buying From. Always look up the size guide of the brand you're shopping for before you purchase your bra, it may be a little different from what you're used to! You deserve a bra that's the right fit, so double-check the size guide before you add anything to your cart. 
  • Look For Adjustability. Always look for a maternity bra that's adjustable so that you can alter it when you're feeling uncomfortable. Plus, this will allow you to adjust if your breasts get larger or smaller during your pregnancy or post-pregnancy stages. 

Where To Shop For Elegant, Comfortable Maternity Wear In New Zealand

At Maternelle, we're delighted to provide NZ mothers and soon-to-be-mothers with maternity clothing that's gorgeous and practical. We have a lovely selection of nursing and breastfeeding clothing, including supportive maternity bras, and we invite you to come to have a look.

We understand that finding the perfect clothing for you can be challenging at times, so if you'd like some assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to help! 

Find clothing that supports your body and makes you feel absolutely stunning with Maternelle.




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